IOTA Groups & Islands

Many groups require you to send validation data to IOTA Management in order to have an activation accepted. In case of doubt contact us BEFORE your activation at info@iota-world.org.

IOTA Ref. No. Group Name Requires Validation Regional Awards
AF-084 Ghana group Yes
AF-085 Western Cape Province North West group Yes
AF-086 Windward Islands (aka Barlavento) No
AF-087 Tanga Region group Yes
AF-088 Nampula District group Yes
AF-089 Ogooue-Maritime Province group Yes
AF-090 Madagascar's Coastal Islands East No
AF-091 Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Region group Yes
AF-092 Sousse / Monastir / Mahdia Region group Yes
AF-093 Guinea-Bissau Coastal Region group Yes
AF-094 Mediterranean Sea Coast West group No
AF-095 Cameroon group Yes
AF-096 Guinee-Maritime Province North group Yes
AF-097 Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre group Yes
AF-098 Sofala District group Yes
AF-099 Matruh Region group Yes
AF-100 Bas-Congo Province group Yes
AF-101 Red Sea Coast North group Yes
AF-102 Erongo / Hardap Region group No
AF-103 Zambezia District group Yes