IOTA Ref. No. EU-011
Group Name Isles of Scilly
DXCC Entity England
DXCC matches one IOTA No
Sunrise 06:08 UTC
Sunset 18:29 UTC
Minimum Latitude 49.83 N
Maximum Latitude 50.07 N
Minimum Longitude 6.08 W
Maximum Longitude 6.50 W
Regional Awards British Isles
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 73.8%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 69.3%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 61.7%
Requires validation No

Qualifying islands in EU-011

Isles of Scilly
St Agnes
St Martin's
St Mary's

Verified activations of EU-011

G1OCNSt Mary's
GB4SMSt Martin's
GB5SMSt Mary's
M0CIsles of Scilly
M8CSt Mary's
MX0LDGSt Mary's
MX0WCBIsles of Scilly

Credited activations of EU-011

2E0ATY/PIsles of Scilly
2E0NJW/PIsles of Scilly
2E0NJW/PSt Mary's
G/DL1BWUIsles of Scilly
G/DL5CEIsles of Scilly
G/DL7UCW/PIsles of Scilly
G/F6BFH/PIsles of Scilly
G/F6BFH/PSt Mary's
G0AEAIsles of Scilly
G0CUHIsles of Scilly
G0KJWIsles of Scilly
G0KJW/MSt Mary's
G0KTD/PSt Mary's
G0MIK/PIsles of Scilly
G0MIK/PSt Agnes
G0NNR/PSt Mary's
G0OPB/PIsles of Scilly
G0ORH/PIsles of Scilly
G0VJG/PSt Mary's
G0VJG/PIsles of Scilly
G0WOE/PSt Agnes
G1OCNSt Mary's
G3AIDIsles of Scilly
G3AIDSt Mary's
G3HTA/PSt Mary's
G3HTA/PIsles of Scilly
G3JKM/PSt Martin's
G3RAF/PIsles of Scilly
G3RCV/PSt Mary's
G3RCV/PIsles of Scilly
G3RPCIsles of Scilly
G3RPCSt Mary's
G3TTC/PSt Mary's
G3TTC/PIsles of Scilly
G3XZOSt Mary's
G3XZO/PSt Mary's
G4JXP/PIsles of Scilly
G4JXP/PSt Agnes
G4QK/PIsles of Scilly
G4QK/PSt Mary's
G4TSH/PIsles of Scilly
G4WSB/PSt Agnes
G4WSB/PSt Mary's
G4XOP/PSt Mary's
G4ZAP/PSt Mary's
G4ZAP/PIsles of Scilly
G5MSt Mary's
G7GLW/PSt Mary's
G7GLW/PIsles of Scilly
G7GLW/PSt Martin's
GB0SMSt Mary's
GB0SMIsles of Scilly
GB2ISSt Agnes
GB4SMIsles of Scilly
GB4SMSt Martin's
GB5SMSt Mary's
M/DK1CM/PIsles of Scilly
M/DL1DAWSt Mary's
M/DL1DAWIsles of Scilly
M/F6HER/PIsles of Scilly
M/F8ATS/PIsles of Scilly
M/IK3RIY/PSt Mary's
M/PE1PZSSt Mary's
M/PE1PZSIsles of Scilly
M0CIsles of Scilly
M0CQZIsles of Scilly
M1IOSIsles of Scilly
M1IOSSt Mary's
M1IOS/PIsles of Scilly
M1KSt Agnes
M1KTA/PSt Agnes
M3CVN/PSt Mary's
M5JON/PSt Agnes
M7ASt Mary's
M7AIsles of Scilly
M8CIsles of Scilly
M8CSt Mary's
MX0LDGSt Mary's
MX0LDGIsles of Scilly
MX0WCBIsles of Scilly
MX5ASt Mary's
MX5AIsles of Scilly