IOTA Ref. No. EU-003
Group Name Eastern Azores group
DXCC Entity Azores
DXCC matches one IOTA No
Sunrise 07:55 UTC
Sunset 18:58 UTC
Minimum Latitude 36.83 N
Maximum Latitude 38.00 N
Minimum Longitude 24.50 W
Maximum Longitude 26.50 W
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 95.4%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 91.0%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 80.0%
Requires validation No

Qualifying islands in EU-003

Santa Maria
Sao Miguel
Formigas Islands:
  • Formigas Islands
  • Verified activations of EU-003

    CR1MSao Miguel
    CR2MSao Miguel
    CR2SSao Miguel
    CR2TSao Miguel
    CT8/DJ7JCSao Miguel
    CT8/DL1CWSanta Maria
    CT8/DL2MRESao Miguel
    CT8/EA5KASao Miguel
    CT8/ON7LXSao Miguel
    CT8/R7KWSao Miguel
    CU0AJRSao Miguel
    CU1/CT1EGWSanta Maria
    CU1ARMSanta Maria
    CU2/CT1EGWSao Miguel
    CU2/DL2OESao Miguel
    CU2/DL3HWMSao Miguel
    CU2/DL3OCHSao Miguel
    CU2/F5LMJ/PSao Miguel
    CU2/G7VJRSao Miguel
    CU2/WA1SSao Miguel
    CU2AFSao Miguel
    CU2ARASao Miguel
    CU2DXSao Miguel
    CU2GDSao Miguel
    CU2WSao Miguel
    CU5/CU3HYSao Miguel

    Credited activations of EU-003

    CQ8ARNSao Miguel
    CR1MSao Miguel
    CR1XSao Miguel
    CR1ZSao Miguel
    CR2FFormigas Islands
    CR2MSao Miguel
    CR2SSao Miguel
    CR2TSao Miguel
    CR2WRTCSao Miguel
    CR2XSao Miguel
    CR3EMESao Miguel
    CR8ABFSao Miguel
    CS8ABFSao Miguel
    CT2AESanta Maria
    CT2AKSao Miguel
    CT2AKSanta Maria
    CT2AXSao Miguel
    CT2BLSanta Maria
    CT2BOSao Miguel
    CT2BUSao Miguel
    CT2CBSanta Maria
    CT2CESao Miguel
    CT2CHSao Miguel
    CT2CMSao Miguel
    CT2DLSao Miguel
    CT2DOSao Miguel
    CT2DRSao Miguel
    CT2GFSanta Maria
    CT2QNSao Miguel
    CT2QNSanta Maria
    CT2YASao Miguel
    CT2YBSao Miguel
    CT8/CT3FNSanta Maria
    CT8/DF9WBSao Miguel
    CT8/DJ7JCSao Miguel
    CT8/DL1CWSanta Maria
    CT8/DL2RNSSao Miguel
    CT8/DL4KGSao Miguel
    CT8/DL5NUASao Miguel
    CT8/DL8DBW/PSao Miguel
    CT8/EA5KASao Miguel
    CT8/OH6KZPSao Miguel
    CT8/OK2ZISao Miguel
    CT8/OM3BHSao Miguel
    CT8/ON7LXSao Miguel
    CT8/PA4NSao Miguel
    CT8/R7KWSao Miguel
    CT8/SP5UAFSao Miguel
    CT8SHSao Miguel
    CU/DJ9RRSao Miguel
    CU0ASao Miguel
    CU0AJRSao Miguel
    CU0SMSanta Maria
    CU1/CT1EGWSanta Maria
    CU1/CT3FNSanta Maria
    CU1/CU8ASSanta Maria
    CU1/DH3NBSanta Maria
    CU1/DL3KUDSanta Maria
    CU1/DL6NBRSanta Maria
    CU1/DL9DANSanta Maria
    CU1ASanta Maria
    CU1AADSanta Maria
    CU1ACSanta Maria
    CU1ARMSanta Maria
    CU1CBSanta Maria
    CU1CBSao Miguel
    CU1EZSanta Maria
    CU1FSanta Maria
    CU1TSanta Maria
    CU2/CT1EFLSao Miguel
    CU2/CU3AA/PSao Miguel
    CU2/DF2BRSao Miguel
    CU2/DF4ZLSao Miguel
    CU2/DG1WIMSao Miguel
    CU2/DH5ST/PSao Miguel
    CU2/DJ8VCSao Miguel
    CU2/DK2OYSao Miguel
    CU2/DK3CUSao Miguel
    CU2/DL1HRBSao Miguel
    CU2/DL1RNWSao Miguel
    CU2/DL2OESao Miguel
    CU2/DL2RVLSao Miguel
    CU2/DL3FFSao Miguel
    CU2/DL3HWMSao Miguel
    CU2/DL3KDVSao Miguel
    CU2/DL3KUDSao Miguel
    CU2/DL3KUDSanta Maria
    CU2/DL3LABSao Miguel
    CU2/DL3OCHSao Miguel
    CU2/DL5JMNSao Miguel
    CU2/DL6MLA/PSao Miguel
    CU2/DL7AOSSao Miguel
    CU2/EA1FCHSao Miguel
    CU2/F5LMJ/PSao Miguel
    CU2/G3OOK/PSao Miguel
    CU2/G7VJRSao Miguel
    CU2/HB9FMU/PSao Miguel
    CU2/IZ2LSCSao Miguel
    CU2/K2LZQSao Miguel
    CU2/LA7QISao Miguel
    CU2/OH2BHSao Miguel
    CU2/OH3BHLSanta Maria
    CU2/SM0JHFSao Miguel
    CU2/SM0OYSao Miguel
    CU2/SM0XG/PSao Miguel
    CU2/SM3CVM/PSao Miguel
    CU2/SM4DHFSao Miguel
    CU2/WA1SSao Miguel
    CU20TSao Miguel
    CU2ASao Miguel
    CU2ASanta Maria
    CU2AASao Miguel
    CU2AA/1Sao Miguel
    CU2AALSao Miguel
    CU2AARSao Miguel
    CU2AAVSao Miguel
    CU2AFSao Miguel
    CU2AHDSao Miguel
    CU2AKSao Miguel
    CU2ANSao Miguel
    CU2AOSao Miguel
    CU2APSao Miguel
    CU2ARSao Miguel
    CU2ARASao Miguel
    CU2ATSao Miguel
    CU2AXSao Miguel
    CU2AYSao Miguel
    CU2BDSao Miguel
    CU2BJSao Miguel
    CU2BRSao Miguel
    CU2BUSao Miguel
    CU2BVSao Miguel
    CU2CESao Miguel
    CU2CRSao Miguel
    CU2DDSao Miguel
    CU2DESao Miguel
    CU2DGSao Miguel
    CU2DXSao Miguel
    CU2ESao Miguel
    CU2ELSao Miguel
    CU2FSao Miguel
    CU2FHSao Miguel
    CU2GDSao Miguel
    CU2GKSao Miguel
    CU2HISao Miguel
    CU2IJSao Miguel
    CU2JNSao Miguel
    CU2JTSao Miguel
    CU2JUSao Miguel
    CU2JXSao Miguel
    CU2KGSao Miguel
    CU2KGSanta Maria
    CU2LSao Miguel
    CU2MSao Miguel
    CU2QNSao Miguel
    CU2QNSanta Maria
    CU2TSao Miguel
    CU2UGSao Miguel
    CU2VSao Miguel
    CU2XSao Miguel
    CU2XSanta Maria
    CU2YKSao Miguel
    CU2ZSao Miguel
    CU2ZGSao Miguel
    LA0CX/CU2Sao Miguel
    WA1IDP/CU2Sao Miguel