IOTA Ref. Nr. OC-073
Gruppenname Minami Torishima
DXCC Entity Minami Torishima
DXCC matches one IOTA Yes
Sunrise 20:03 UTC
Sunset 06:55 UTC
Minimum Latitude 24.20 N
Maximum Latitude 24.37 N
Minimum Longitude 153.88 E
Maximum Latitude 154.05 E
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 66.6%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 62.3%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 54.5%
Validierung erforderlich No

Qualifying islands in OC-073

Minami Torishima

Verified activations of OC-073

JD1YAB/JD1Minami Torishima
JG8NQJ/JD1Minami Torishima

Credited activations of OC-073

7J1ACHMinami Torishima
7J1ADJ/JD1Minami Torishima
JA0SUQ/JD1Minami Torishima
JA1EEB/KG6Minami Torishima
JA5XQU/JD1Minami Torishima
JA7JT/JD1Minami Torishima
JA8AQN/JD1Minami Torishima
JA8IEV/JD1Minami Torishima
JA8VKP/JD1Minami Torishima
JA9IAX/JD1Minami Torishima
JD1AAHMinami Torishima
JD1ABOMinami Torishima
JD1AHCMinami Torishima
JD1AHIMinami Torishima
JD1ALLMinami Torishima
JD1ALNMinami Torishima
JD1BATMinami Torishima
JD1BCKMinami Torishima
JD1BDAMinami Torishima
JD1BFQMinami Torishima
JD1BIC/JD1Minami Torishima
JD1BIEMinami Torishima
JD1BIPMinami Torishima
JD1BIUMinami Torishima
JD1BIYMinami Torishima
JD1BIZMinami Torishima
JD1BJEMinami Torishima
JD1BMMMinami Torishima
JD1YAAMinami Torishima
JD1YBJMinami Torishima
JE6XPF/JD1Minami Torishima
JE7IZM/JD1Minami Torishima
JF1LGD/JD1Minami Torishima
JF2POF/JD1Minami Torishima
JF7MTO/JD1Minami Torishima
JF8HIQ/JD1Minami Torishima
JG8NQJ/JD1Minami Torishima
JH0PGF/JD1Minami Torishima
JH1EFP/JD1Minami Torishima
JH1HVF/JD1Minami Torishima
JH1KSB/JD1Minami Torishima
JH1LDK/JD1Minami Torishima
JH1MAO/JD1Minami Torishima
JH5EES/JD1Minami Torishima
JH7EAY/JD1Minami Torishima
JI1KUL/JD1Minami Torishima
JI2KLT/JD1Minami Torishima
JI2KLU/JD1Minami Torishima
JI7BCD/JD1Minami Torishima
JK4NYE/JD1Minami Torishima
JL1ICP/JD1Minami Torishima
JL1KFR/JD1Minami Torishima
JR6TYH/JD1Minami Torishima
JR8XXQ/JD1Minami Torishima
KA1AAMinami Torishima
KA1CGMinami Torishima
KA1DXMinami Torishima
KA1MIMinami Torishima
KA1NCMinami Torishima
KA1SMinami Torishima
KA2CCMinami Torishima
KA2MIMinami Torishima
KG6ICDMinami Torishima
KG6IFMinami Torishima